Pirates Magnified

2017-10-24 005Ahoy me hearties! Put down yer cutlasses! This ‘ere book comes with a magnifying glass so ye can seek out pirate booty – and there’s loads to discover. Pirates Magnified is a search-and-find book, filled with detailed illustrations of pirate ships at sea and in port and all the activity that goes with them.  It’s loaded with interesting information about real-life pirates too.

Ten pirates who sailed from the 1600s to the 1800s are featured with a double-page spread each. Across each spread, readers are shown “10 things to spot” with a snippet of information about each thing. I particularly love that there’s small pictures of each too, so youngsters who aren’t yet readers can also have a go. The magnifying glass comes in handy because the illustrations are awash with pirate activity – and it’s just fun to have a turn looking through it!

Once you’ve found 10 things on each spread, there’s an extra “Can you find?” section at the back where readers can test their memories and see if they can remember which pages included particular images, like a “gold-loving octopus”, “fire on board” and “the ship’s cat”. A “Rogues Gallery” shares information about more pirates from as far back as the 1400s, including a handful of female pirates too.

At the back of the book, just for fun, there’s an A-Z of pirate slang and tips to talk like a pirate.  The answers are there too, and a glossary of pirate terms.

Pirates Magnified is written by David Long, illustrated by Harry Bloom, published by Wide Eyed Editions, Quarto Kids.

Buy a copy of Pirates Magnified from your local book shop or online with free shipping.


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