Little People Big Dreams, Rosa Parks

IMG_20171018_122832_494My daughters were perplexed when they heard this story. They just couldn’t comprehend why there were such inequalities facing civil rights activist Rosa Parks, both when she was growing up in Alabama and as an adult.

I love sharing this type of story with my children. I think it’s important they have some understanding and appreciation of where we’ve come from and how things evolve and change and that just one person can make a difference.

Young readers are introduced to Rosa when she too is a child and the story follows her lifelong fight for equal rights for black people. The language is just right for children, every page features full-colour illustrations and there are extra facts and photos at the back of the book.

Rosa Parks is written by Lisbeth Kaiser, illustrated by  Marta Antelo, published by Frances Lincoln Children, an imprint of Quarto Kids. It’s part of the Little People, Big Dreams series, showcasing women who made outstanding contributions.

Buy a copy of Rosa Parks with free shipping worldwide.

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One thought on “Little People Big Dreams, Rosa Parks

  1. I love this series of books. We read Ada Lovelace first and have Georgie O’Keefe to read tomorrow. Great to see books about inspirational women.


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