Baa Baa Smart Sheep

IMG_20170712_215107_159This is a fantastic read aloud.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny and giggle all the way through once you’ve heard it once and you’re sharing it with someone new.

Little Baa Baa is bored and when Quirky Turkey comes along, Little Baa Baa feels mischievous…

I love it best when my twins read a character each, although it was great fun to ask their aunt and uncle to read it to us too. And, every time, my little man shouts out warnings to Quirky Turkey!

I can’t recommend this book highly enough – it’s such fun. I borrowed it from the library, then had to buy a copy. And there’s a sequel too!

Baa Baa Smart Sheep is written and illustrated by New Zealand pair Mark and Rowan Sommerset, published by Candlewick Press.

PS. Those are chocolate bliss balls in the pic – similar in appearance to the smarty tablets in the story, but mine are made with dates, hazelnut meal, cacao and water. And they’re delicious.

Buy Baa Baa Smart Sheep from your local bookshop or online with with free shipping.


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