Meerkat Choir

IMG_20171014_185631_125My girls are constantly singing. They’re in the school choir together, but they prefer to practice their songs separately – but at the same time. I’m sure you can imagine how that sounds!! Thankfully, when all the kids come together, they sound beautiful.

The choirmaster in this book doesn’t have such luck. He’s quite an arrogant little meerkat and crossly rebuffs any animal who interrupts his rehearsal to try and join his Meerkat Choir. The expressions on those poor animals’ faces show us how disappointed and upset being rejected can make you feel – a great prompt for a discussion about feelings.

This is a short, fun read, with bright, expressive illustrations. There’s loads of animals included, which is great for teaching their names and sounds to little ones.

Meerkat Choir is written and illustrated by Melbourne’s Nicki Greenberg, published in October 2017 by Allen and Unwin.

Buy a copy of Meerkat Choir at your local book shop or online with free international shipping.



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