IMG_20170929_083223_830This book is amazing. Its striking, bright cover means children (and adults) can’t help but pick it up. Once you open the book and discover the special viewing lens nestled against the inside cover, you won’t be able to stop yourself from running it across the pages to see how it works.

This book has been very cleverly designed to intertwine three images to create one beautiful design. Using the three-colour viewing lens, readers can separate the images to see inside the human body, revealing the complex layers of the human anatomy.

Look through the green window to see our muscles.

The blue window emphasises human organs and blood vessels.

The red window showcases the human skeleton.


The novelty factor alone will see even the most reluctant reader keen to take a peek. But it’s more than a gimmick. The layers allow us to actually see how our body is composed.

The innovative images are presented alongside fantastic information about the human body too, making this a terrific reference book. The human body has been broken into ten sections, including the head, eyes and ears, heart and abdomen. There are six pages dedicated to each section, broken into three double-page spreads. First, there’s general information about the body part, with tips of what to look for in the following pictures. Secondly, “the x-ray room” provides large – sometimes lifesize – images of the body for readers to examine through each of the three coloured windows (separating the skeleton, muscles and organs). That’s followed with another double page spread, “the anatomy room” showing detailed black and white diagrams of the body part, alongside interesting information about its role within the body and how it works.

There’s a section towards the back dedicated to “How a Baby Grows” – so watch out for that if you’re not ready to have that conversation with your youngster just yet. Although, if you prefer a straight science approach, this book is just right to accompany your own words. There’s an amazing life-sized image of a baby in the womb too to explore with the lens.

I love sharing non-fiction books with my children to help them learn about the world, but too often I find non-fiction that’s dry and dull. That’s certainly not the case with Illumanatomy. There should be more thoughtful books like this one that draw in young readers and encourage them to be inquisitive.

Illumanatomy is illustrated by Milan-based art and design duo Carnovsky (Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla). It’s written by Kate Davies and published by Wide Eyed Editions, 27 September 2017, $35 (hbk) ISBN 9781786030504.

Buy a copy of this book kids love with free shipping worldwide – Illumanatomy.


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