Bad Mermaids

What girl doesn’t dream about being a mermaid? I know my 8-year-old twins certainly do. Well, in this book, the mermaids get to spend time as humans, on land with legs! It’s a kind of coming of age tradition, so they can see what it’s like and return to the sea content, knowing that underwater is where life’s better.

Bad Mermaids

It’s while the three friends are ashore that the Bad Mermaids take over, capturing the Queen and imprisoning the rest of the mermaids. It’s up to the trio to find out what’s going on, rescue the Queen and free all the mermaids – so long as they don’t get caught.

This book is just right for girls who are growing up and leaving all things pink and over-the-top girly behind. These mermaids are cool. They have coloured hair, wear cropped tops and are brave and fesity. The story is fast-paced and interesting, with the mermaids having to both work together and draw on their individual strengths to put things right in time.

The text is sectioned into 34 chapters and interspersed with issues of the mermaid magazine Clamzine, as well as black and white illustrations by Jason Cockcroft, who illustrated the original covers for the final three Harry Potter novels.

Bad Mermaids is author Sibeal Pounder’s second book series. Her Witch Wars series was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award.

Bad Mermaids is written by Sibeal Pounder, illustrated by Jason Cockcroft, published by Bloomsbury, August 2017, $11.99 (pbk) ISBN 9781408877128.

Thanks to Bloomsbury, I’ve got two copies of Bad Mermaids to give away. Head on over to my Instagram account @bookskidslove_ for details to enter. Closes Monday 28 August.

Buy Bad Mermaids with free shipping.


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