10 Reasons to Love an Elephant 

I am so excited to share this book with you all. My four year old has been asking me to read it over and over! It is a beautiful non-fiction picture book that’s just right for 3-6 year olds who are curious about the world. 

There’s a fun cut-out on the cover little hands just want to touch, and inside we’re introduced to Asian and African elephants, illustrated together so we can easily spot their differences. Then, 10 double-page spreads give us 10 reasons to love these amazing creatures. And they’re reasons little kids will understand and relate to. 

My little guy loves reason number 2: that elephants are good gardeners because they spread seeds through their dung, helping “the forests flourish”. Possibly because he learnt a new word for poo. 😄 I love that he’s not just learning about elephants, but also ecosystems, conservation and relationships – alongside that new vocabulary. 

I can’t recommend this book more highly. It’s a great non-fiction book for young kids that grown ups will enjoy reading over and over too. Luckily. 😄 
10 Reasons to Love an Elephant is written by Catherine Barr, illustrated by Hanako Clulow, published by Frances Lincoln Children with the Natural History Museum London. 

Buy a copy of 10 Reasons to Love an Elephant with free shipping.


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