I Just Ate My Friend

​This story had us all in giggles and very glad we don’t have any monster friends! It begins with a wide-eyed monster telling us he has just eaten his friend. He’s most upset about it and can’t seem to make any new friends. Funny that! 
This book is fun to read aloud – very loudly in some parts. While it is about monsters, it’s thankfully too ridiculous to be scary for young readers. 

The pictures are bold and bright, perhaps influenced by the illustrator’s background in graphic design.  I just love the expressions on the monsters’ faces.

I Just Ate My Friend is the first book from Melbourne’s Heidi McKinnon, who wrote and illustrated it. The book is published by Allen & Unwin.

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2 thoughts on “I Just Ate My Friend

  1. Carissa, this is totally awesome. We as adults forget that how much we loved the stories from our parents, teachers and especially from grand parents. Story telling not only helps in much needed bonding between parents and children but also helps us parents understand the creative side of the our side. When we read out aloud to them, they are constantly engaged and this helps us guage their concentration, creativity, inquisitiveness and able to follow a sequence of facts (memory). We at HapClap promote these activities in India and really love the fact that many others also love story telling. Keep it going Carissa! Cheers, Team HapClap


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