Watch Out for Muddy Puddles

Watch Out for Muddy Puddles.jpgI like to leave new books at the end of the couch in our lounge room for my kids to discover. I find it’s a great way to expose them to loads of different stories, without putting pressure on them to read. It’s also interesting to me to see what they choose to pick up and which books sit there a while. I added Watch Out for Muddy Puddles to the couch stack and it caught all of their eyes.

The cover is bold, bright and colourful – it shouts fun, surprise and possibly danger. The story is written in rhyme that flows well and invites readers to explore the puddles within the pages, while also inspiring ideas for imaginary play at home.

Each puddle features an array of boyish delights. Together the author and illustrator have managed to include so many things little boys love – a train, football, robot, pirates, dinosaurs, Vikings and treasure. There’s plenty too for youngsters learning to recognise animals, with illustrations including a frog, duck, penguin, dog, cat, crocodile, octopus and even a polar bear. Children can also have fun turning the book vertical for a particularly deep puddle featured over a double-page. While it’s definitely pitched at boys, this book includes girls in the pictures too and my girls enjoyed this story.

Watch Out for Muddy Puddles is written by Ben Faulks (who plays Mr Bloom on CBEEBIES) and illustrated by Ben Cort. It is published by Bloomsbury, October 2016, RRP $14.99 (pbk).


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