First chapter books for new readers (girls)

I was so excited when my girls started reading on their own. It seemed like all of a sudden they had moved beyond their school readers and were ready for the next level … whatever that was. Once they hit their strides, they moved so quickly from book to book and I had to scramble to find the next story that was just right – not too easy or too hard and still interesting. So here’s some of our favourite first books for girls to read on their own.

The Ella and Olivia series by Yvette Poshoglian are just right for newly-minted readers. They’re about two sisters, aged 7 and 5, doing the usual girly things together. The text is large, the covers are bright and fun and there’s lovely black and white illustrations throughout. You can read my review of Ella and Olivia Hair Disaster over at The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Reading Time.

I’m pretty sure my girls have borrowed every book in the Billie B Brown series from their school library. I’m sure I’ve even seen the ones we own come home in their library bags as well (perhaps hubby is right, we do have too many books!). These are written by Sally Rippen.


My mum gave the girls their first Fancy Nancy books and they have been read over and over … and over. They’re just perfect for little girls who learn French at school and love ballet, like mine do. So we moved on to the Nancy Clancy chapter books and they have been a hit too.



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