Not more candy canes!

It’s only just December, but it’s already started. The twins rushed out of their classroom LAST WEEK excitedly brandishing their first Christmas cards from friends – with candy canes popped into the envelopes as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love mint-flavoured treats and I really appreciate that kids and their parents are getting into the festive spirit. I love that they exchange cards, but when pretty much every kid in a class of 24 gives out candy canes or a chocolate Santa, that adds up to a whole lot of sugar!

So, this year, I’ve encouraged the girls to share something a bit different with their classmates.

Inspired by some cute homemade bookmarks I saw on Pinterest by, we’ve been getting our craft on and recycling last year’s Christmas cards into cute bookmarks to pop into the envelope with our Christmas cards.

It’s really simple and really cheap. All you need is a pencil and ruler, a hole puncher, some ribbon or thread (we got 16m for $2.50) and last year’s Christmas cards (okay, I did buy an extra packet of cards just in case we didn’t have enough – not all cards make nice bookmarks!)

What you need to make handmade, recycled Christmas cards.

Measure out three bookmarks per card – you can make them even or fudge it a bit to make the pictures fit better, then cut them out.

IMG_20151125_142727Punch a hole in the top. If your kids punch the hole too close to the top, just chop it off and let them try again. Thread through some ribbon. We used gold thread from one of our local cheapie shops.

IMG_20151125_142933Voila. A sugar-free Christmas trinket that’s cheap, cheerful and useful.

IMG_20151125_143112The kids can write a message on the back or just pop them in the envelope with a card.

Check out my homemade bookmarks Pinterest board for more ideas.


4 thoughts on “Not more candy canes!

  1. Great idea! I get sick of the candy canes too, but it seems rude to not give a small gift with the cards when everyone else does it. Now to convince my kids!


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