train Judi Abbot

There’s a whole lot of reading going on at our house at the moment, with the twins now confident to pick up a book and read by themselves. Seeing and hearing his big sisters, my Little Man is keen to be just like them, so I’ve been on the look out for books he can “read” too. Judie Abbot’s Train! is perfect.

Like most young boys, Little Man loves trains, so he can certainly relate to the book’s protagonist, a stubborn Little Elephant, who downright refuses to play with any other toy. When we get this story out, Little Man takes Little Elephant’s part, which is easy because he mostly says just the one word – train! It’s printed clearly and consistently throughout the book in a yellow speech bubble right next to a picture of a train, so it’s easy to follow too.

Further in the book, the author introduces other toys – and new words for both Little Elephant and my Little Man to say – car, plane and digger-digger. Around these little boy favourites, she cleverly weaves in messages about friendship, sharing and trying new things. Her illustrations are big, bold and bright and the picture of the cranky little elephant is spot on – parents of toddlers everywhere will recognise that stance!

Train! is a definitely a book kids love, although it probably shouldn’t be the last book to read just before bed, as it can get a bit rowdy when Little Elephant has a tantrum!

You can buy Train! from the Book Depository.

This book kids love is written and illustrated by Judi Abbot. 32pp. Published in Great Britain by Little Tiger Press, 2014. ISBN: 9781848959026.

Carissa Lovesbooks spent her childhood devouring any book she could get her hands on. Now she’s a mum, Carissa Lovesbooks is sharing her love of storytelling with her three little munchkins – twin girls, aged 7, and Little Man, 3. While all three children love snuggling up for a story, the twins are increasingly eager to practice their reading skills and Carissa Lovesbooks is constantly looking for new books (and old favourites) to capture their imaginations and encourage their learning.

*Disclosure: I have not been paid to write this review, and the views expressed are my own. The books I review mainly come from my own collection, my local library, and sometimes what my children bring home from their school library. I also welcome books from authors and publishers, but cannot guarantee to print a review – it must be a book kids love. If you follow my link to the Book Depository to purchase this book, I will receive 5 per cent of the sale as commission.


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