A primary school teacher friend of mine recommended I have a look at books by award-winning English author/illustrator Jez Alborough for my Little Man. I had just bought a swag of books for my six-year-old twins for Christmas but was at a loss as to what my two-year-old boy would like. I ended up giving him Alborough’s Where’s My Teddy (the sweetest book) and have been seeking out his books at the local library ever since.

The latest one I bought home, Yes, has been a real winner, with Little Man choosing it for his bedtime story night after night. Yes tells the tale of a young chimpanzee’s bath-time. It’s a simple storyline and one that children (and parents) will relate to, with some humour included. The author uses just nine different words in the whole book – mostly “yes” and “no” – and some pages don’t have any words at all. So it’s great for young kids to join in, repeating or remembering the words that go with each picture. And good practice for saying those “first words”.

The pictures are terrific, telling the story almost on their own, and filling every page with cheerful colour. The illustrator manages to convey the mother’s love for her cheeky chimp, as well as the young chimp’s feelings (parents, you will recognise some of his expressions from your own children!) My Little Man joins in with the chimp towards the end of the book, copying his sleepy stretch and rubbing his tired eyes, so there’s points for this book too in reinforcing that it’s time to sleep.

Yes is a really lovely book that I’d recommend reading with young toddlers. My older girls like reading it with us, but I don’t expect it will hold their interest for long.

You can buy Yes from the Book Depository.*

This book kids love is written and illustrated by Jez Alborough. 40pp. Published in London by Walker Books, 2007. ISBN: 9781406304565.

*Disclosure: I have not been paid to write this review, and the views expressed are my own. The books I review mainly come from my own collection, my local library, and sometimes what my children bring home from their school library. I also welcome books from authors and publishers, but cannot guarantee to print a review – it must be a book kids love. If you follow my link to the Book Depository to purchase this book, I will receive 5 per cent of the sale as commission, which I’ll use to buy more books!

Carissa Lovesbooks spent her childhood devouring any book she could get her hands on. Now she’s a mum, Carissa Lovesbooks is sharing her love of storytelling with her three little munchkins – twin girls, aged 6, and Little Man, 2. While all three children love snuggling up for a story, the twins are increasingly eager to practice their reading skills and Carissa Lovesbooks is constantly looking for new books (and old favourites) to capture their imaginations and encourage their learning.


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