Mungo Monkey has a Birthday Party


Author/illustrator Lydia Monks’ bright and colourful illustrations always create such a sense of fun. She’s taken this even further with Mungo Monkey has a Birthday Party, including lots of flaps for little readers to lift and explore. My little man has been to his fair share of birthday parties, so he was familiar with most of the story’s key elements – balloons, party games, birthday cake – and he loved lifting the flaps to see what was underneath. There’s at least one flap on every page and some have two or three.

It’s a nice, short story, with no more than three sentences on each page and the language is simple, but engaging. For example, on one page, the reader is invited to guess “which party outfit will Mungo pick?” The author also includes words like “oops” and “pop” so toddlers just learning to talk can join in reading. I really like that Mungo is shown with both his mum and his dad getting things prepared for the party, as well as with his little sister Mimi.

This is a great book for young children. I’d recommend reading it to children from birth to about age five.

You can buy Mungo Monkey has a Birthday Party from the Book Depository.*

This book kids love is written and illustrated by Lydia Monks. 14pp. Published in London by Egmont Books, 2014. ISBN: 9781405268660.


I have not been paid to write this review, and the views expressed are my own. The books I review mainly come from my own collection, my local library, and sometimes what my children bring home from their school library. I also welcome books from authors and publishers, but cannot guarantee to print a review – it must be a book kids love. If you follow my link to the Book Depository to purchase this book, I will receive 5 per cent of the sale as commission.


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