The Extra Button

Extra Button

This is a delightful story written by an Aussie mum who wanted a way to introduce the concept of donor conception to her twins from a young age. While the story has a message, it’s very subtle and the book stands alone as a lovely story to read to your children, however they came to be born. My five-year-old twins begged me to read it again – and didn’t ask any difficult questions.

The Extra Button tells the story of a gingerbread couple named Benny and Rose and the adventure they embark upon to find an extra button so they can have a gingerbread baby of their own. The book reads like a modern fairy tale, with Benny and Rose battling obstacles, including a dark forest, rickety bridge and steep mountain. The couple endear themselves to young readers with their longing for a child, while their actions show how precious and loved their child will be. Plus the beautiful illustrations make them look delicious.

I’d recommend reading The Extra Button to children from birth to age six and possibly older. While I’d particularly recommend it for children born via donor conception, (or other non-traditional methods) the message is so subtle that all children should enjoy it.

This review is an update of a review I wrote while volunteer editor of the AMBA Magazine, for the Australian Multiple Birth Association.

You can buy The Extra Button from the Book Depository.

The Extra Button is written by Jules Blundell and illustrated by Fefe. Published in Melbourne by Michael Hanrahan Publishing, 2013. 44pp. ISBN: 9780992418205.


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