Dimity Duck

Dimity Duck cover

I have read this book so many times I actually know it off by heart! My girls loved it when they were small and it’s become one of little man’s favourites too.The book shares with us a day in the life of a cute yellow duck, DImity, as she goes through her daytime routine. Dimity does many things that we do – she gets dressed, eats and plays with her friend, Frumity Frog, before getting ready for bed and falling asleep. I love a story that promotes bed time!

This one also encourages children to join in, reciting some of the text and copying DImity and Frumity’s actions.

The illustrations are lovely and add extra detail to the story to talk about with your children, for example, the novel Dimity has tucked under her arm on the way to bed (look, she’s reading a book before bed, just like us). The book is not heavy on text, with about a sentence per page, playfully presented with colour pictures on every page.

Dimity Duck is a cheerful book I (luckily) don’t mind reading over and over, with the author successfully using rhyme, repetition and alliteration to create a story that rolls off the tongue. And the rhyming works with an Aussie accent too.

I’d recommend reading it to girls and boys from birth to age 4. Its repetition lends itself to early readers also – I’ll have to pull it out again for my girls.

It’s not currently in print, so you may have to hunt for a copy, or check your local library.

Dimity Duck is written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Sebastien Braun. Published in Great Britain by HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2006. 32pp. ISBN: 9780007802760.


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