Baby’s New Shoes

Baby's New Shoes

We borrowed this book from our local library and my daughter cried and cried when we had to take it back. So I bought a copy and it’s been a favourite with all three kids. It’s a gorgeous book, following a toddler and his mum on their walk home from the shoe shop with the toddler wearing a brand new pair of white shoes. The boy behaves like a typical inquisitive child and gets those clean new shoes covered in all kinds of stuff – what fun!

There’s lots of (but not too much) repetition and emotive language (uh-oh, oh no) and my girls loved to recite parts of the story along with me. There’s also lots of rhyme and, while some words don’t strictly rhyme, (hops and dots, round and brown) it works. The story flows and it certainly engages young children.

The illustrations are fun – bright and cheerful, capturing the boy’s cheekiness throughout the story.

Baby’s New Shoes is a lovely book I’d recommend for boys and girls from birth to four years. In our house, it was particularly enjoyed when my kids were aged two.

You can buy Baby’s New Shoes from the Book Depository.

Baby’s New Shoes is written by Dashka Slater and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. Published in London by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2006. 32 pp. ISBN: 0747582068.


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